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  • KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE: Tired of sweat getting into your eyes? Yup, we were too. So we designed Tough Headbands™ to wick away moisture and dry like no other. They're made from 100% microfiber, a breathable material that wicks away moisture faster than the leading alternatives.
  • DISCOVER YOUR TOUGH & DURABLE SIDEKICK: Wear your Tough Headband on challenging rides, chilly morning jogs, strenuous yoga sessions, dusty desert hikes, or blazing runs down powdery snow slopes. Our headbands retain their form, color and elasticity for years in all climates and conditions.
  • WEAR IT 12 DIFFERENT WAYS: Forget about wasting money on another headband, neck warmer, face mask, bandana or balaclava -- you've got it all here! Rock your ultra-versatile Tough Headband on its own or under a helmet. When it gets colder, rock it as a neck gaiter, face mask or balaclava. Be sure to check out our product images to see all the ways you can wear a Tough Headband. These headbands are great for casual wear too.
  • EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE COMFORT: Say goodbye to headband headaches. Our microfiber is stretchy and will conform to heads of all shapes and sizes without a death grip. Our headbands are also seamless, resulting in less bad hair days and greater comfort.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: The ONLY headband with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee and 2-day Prime shipping apply only on products sold by Tough Headwear!
I am a huge fan of headbands and bandanas. As an avid hiker, I love to be able to use something to keep my hair out of the way without giving me a headache or without pulling my hair. It's also nice for really long hikes where I am sweating and can use it to wipe my forehead. This past weekend we want to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park and spent the days hiking. My friends daughter is 10 and loves to do what I do so I brought one for her and one for me. She loved wearing it around and looking stylish. I will gladly purchase more in the future because they are so durable!
*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinions*
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