Bird Feeder Review

by - 12:28 PM

Tired of Bird Feeders that Only Attract Squirrels?     This Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is Made to attract Wild Birds and Keep Squirrels Out!
Birds Love the Branch Perch and Water Bowl and Fruit!
    Made to Look Like A Real Bird House,this feeder can hand from a branch, perch on a sill or stand, or be fixed to any wall in your Patio or Garden!
Great for BirdWatchers and Great For Kids!
    This feeder in your garden will attract scores of wild birds for your viewing pleasure, the fruit spike will bring in birds that seeds alone will not attract. The earth colors will not scare off birds and they will stay longer at their new favorite "diner"!

This is really a very poorly designed bird house. I really was hoping to like this but reading reviews had me optimistic. Now that I have put it together and tried it out, it really is very poorly made. It's very hard to fill and even harder to clean. There are tiny screws that you have to un do to fill it each time. It actually was very messy. And the squirrels can get it even on different areas. I want to think it is nice but it really is poorly made.
*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion*
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