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•A FANTASTIC GIFT! --This all-in-one kit would make a perfect gift for anyone who is learning to crochet, a beginner just starting out, or a seasoned crocheter on the go. This crochet kit makes an ideal gift for any craft lover; we wouldn't blame you if you kept it for yourself!

•THE COMPLETE CROCHET HOOK KIT -- Store your crochet hooks in this custom designed premium fabric case. The magnetic closure holds the case securely in place and prevents the crochet needles from falling out. The TenderHeart crochet case holds 12 hooks of various sizes in the slots and has a flap to protect the hooks from falling out or catching on anything. The tri-fold case is great for travel and crochet on the go.

•WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THIS KIT? (35 Items!) -- 12 Color Coded Smooth Crochet Hooks (2.0mm - 8.0mm), 2 Aluminum Stitch Holders (3.5in, 4.5in), 10 Stitch Markers, 6 Crochet Yarn Needles (9cm, 7cm), 1 Row Counter (2.2cm), 1 Soft Flexible Measuring Tape, 1 Knitting Needle Gauge and Ruler, 1 Pair of Folding Scissors, 1 Custom Designed Premium Design Case

•WHAT MAKES THIS CROCHET HOOK KIT DIFFERENT? -- This is a premium quality crochet hook set made from the highest quality aluminum and brightly colored handles to help identify yarn needle sizes quickly. The complete all-in-one set comes in a custom designed case with a designated place to store each of the tools.

•100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE -- We hope that you will love this crochet kit, however if you're unsatisfied with this product for any reason, please just let us know and we will refund your purchase right away.

I'll admit it. I'm a knitter. There is a pretty big controversy between knitters and crocheter's. Don't call someone's work crochet if it is knitting, and likewise. You can check out my knitting HERE. I have some very intricate designs. That said, I have only dabbled in crochet. I wanted to start learning but didn't have the supplies. Thanks to this wonderful set, I have now been able to perfect my crochet skills. I actually received two packages. One was just an empty case and then shortly after I received the full set. Apparently there was a shipping issue on Amazon but it's all fixed! I love this kit. It has a variety of hook sizes as well as all the necessary stitch holders and tapes. This is a great kit for any starter or advanced crocheter. I highly recommend this!
*I was given this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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