DIY Lampshade Kit

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All the materials you need to make your own modern-looking drum lampshade. Use your own fabric so your lampshade matches perfectly with your home decor! This kit takes all the guess-work out of making your own lampshade: everything is pre-measured so you get a perfect result the first time.
The height and diameter dimensions of this kit are fully customizable, so you can create a lampshade to your exact specifications. Take some measurements of your current lamp base & harp to determine the size shade you need, then select a kit to fit. Read more about how to measure your lamp to find the perfect-sized lampshade.
Kit contains:
  • Adhesive styrene sheet
  • Molding stick
  • Lampshade glue
  • Top & bottom lampshade rings
  • Binder clips
  • Illustrated, step-by-step instructions
You’ll also need:
  • Fabric
    • To calculate how much fabric you’ll need: multiply the diameter of your shade by pi (3.14) and add at least 3 inches to get the required length of fabric. For the height, add at least 2 inches to the height of your shade
    • Natural fiber fabric (light to medium weight cotton works best)
  • Cutting tool – scissors or a rotary cutter & mat
  • An old paintbrush

This is an AMAZING lampshade kit! I have been looking for something so I can have my own nature themed lamp shade and this is it! It was so easy to put together and even easier to make the lampshade of your choice. I chose a cute cotton fabric that wasn't too heavy. It was really easy to follow the instructions and really fun to do. My husband and I did it together as an activity over the weekend and we both really enjoyed it. I think it's something even families can do with their kids. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a fun activity to make their home look creative!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*

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