Magnesium Fire Starter Review

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With The Help Of The Magnesium Survival Fire Starter, You Will Always Be Ready For ANY Endeavour You Embark On! 
• No More Hassle With WET Matches or Lighters 
• EASY to Use in ANY Condition, Wet or Dry! 
• Compact Design For Convenient Travel 
• Accompanied By a Lanyard For Handling Ease 
• Lights Campfires, Stoves, and Gas-Barbecues 

1. Scrape Off Magnesium Shavings Into a Small Pile. 
2. Firmly Hold The Striker Against the Flint at a 30°-45° Angle. 
3. Apply Pressure While Sliding the Striker Down the Magnesium Rod, Allowing the Sparks to Land on the Pile. 
4. Place Tinder or Paper on the Burning Magnesium Pile and Blow Gently. 
5. Once the Tinder Has Ignited, Progressively Add Larger Kindling Until the FIRE Increases! 

• Make Sure to Practice in a Controlled Environment Before Hand 
• Keep Out of Reach From Children 
• Always Put Out Your FIRE 
This is a pretty great product! We are big backpackers and hikers so we typically end up having a fire wherever we hike. Whether it is to cook on the campfire or to just boil water, it's necessary. Sometimes, it's harder to start a fire and you don't want to have to carry 30lbs of gear to start a fire. This is the perfect accessory. It's small and easy to carry. You strike it on your kindling and before you know it, you have a fire started. It took me a little bit of pressure to get the sparks first but I think that's because I have little bitty hands. But for anyone else, this would be a perfect gift.
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest opinion*
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