Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoo Review

by - 12:04 PM

I am absolutely loving these tattoos. I'm 26 so I feel like I can get away with wearing cute stuff still and since I have small wrists and arms, I can actually use the full chains all the way around to look like a cute bracelet. They are really adorable and shimmer so cute. I think any teenaged girl would love these just to wear and dress up. Now do they replace the real thing? No, I love my 6 tattoos and want more but for someone who is not old enough or for little kids, these are a cute alternative. They are easy to apply and even easier to remove. Just use a little bit of baby oil or vitamin E oil and you are all set for them to wipe right off. Plus, they stay on for quite a while without peeling off.
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*

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