Quick Stitch Sewing Kit Review

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EASY TO CARRY: Portable light weight sewing kit that is easy to grab. Fits easily in your purse or brief case and can taken with you wherever you go!! Easily stored in your car as well.
QUICK AND CONVENIENT: Perfect portable beginners sewing kit for repairing those unexpected rips and tears, missing buttons and more! No need to take out a heavy awkward sewing machine! Quick Stitch has all the sewing notions and supplies you will need.
USEFUL: Can be used for emergencies, as a travel sewing kit, as a starter sewing kit for any quick fixes and emergency or survival sewing needs at home, school, or at the office. With Quick Stitch sewing kit - Just say sew sewing kit.
USEABLE: Sewing kit for adults, both boys and girls ,and even children as a beginners sewing kit or your first sewing kit. Can be used as a survival sewing kit and army sewing kit to fix and repair all kinds of sewing thread repairs.
LIFE SAVER: No need for a professional sewing kit! Quick Stitch sewing kit has all you need for those unforeseen quick fix needs. Just grab your Quick Stitch sewing kit -GET YOURS TODAY!
This is the perfect sewing kit! It has everything you need in order to do just what it says, a quick fix. It even has the scissors and a variety of colors for your threads. I am always sewing whether it is for fun or just to fix a hem or sew a button back on and sometimes, you just need a small kit to do that fix. I am really pleased with this sewing kit. Plus, it comes in a nice zippered pouch that is sturdy and has a place for everything to sit properly. Even when you take something out it goes back in easily. The needles are very tough and won't bend like the typical cheap needles if you are sewing through denim. I also like that it fits easily in with my sewing machine and craft supplies. I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs a good quick and small sewing kit.
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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