Reflective Vest Review

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GREATER VISIBILITY - Wearing a vest makes you much more noticeable from every angle. The reflective color of the vest make it so that other people see you better, earlier, and farther away than they used to when you're out walking, running or riding during the night, evening, and also foggy days and very rainy poor visibility days.
UNISEX AND ADJUSTABLE - Our reflective vest is Unisex, so it can be worn by women and men. And it is completely adjustable to fit snug or loose and still have plenty of range of motion. Fits easily and can be worn over just about anything.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Not only is this vest great for daytime or night time use, it is also recommended for a number of different activities including: Running, biking, event traffic directing, or any low visibility situation.
S/M/L: - Waist Band: 63 - 100cm (25 - 39 inch) Shoulder Straps: 38 - 58cm (15 - 23 inch) waist to shoulder
L/XL: - Waist Band: 86 - 136cm (34 - 52 inch) Shoulder Straps: 62 - 100cm (24 -39 inch) waist to shoulder
I'm a runner. I actually run a lot. Today alone, I ran 6.5 miles in 1 hour and 13 minutes. Yesterday, 5.79 miles in 1 hour and 13 minutes. I've run multiple half marathons and am training for my first full marathon currently which will take place later on this year. That means that I run at certain points in the day. Early morning when it is just barely light out or late evening when the sun as already started to go down. I needed to find something reflective that is comfortable yet easy to run in and I have found it. I have found that vest! It moves along with me and I no longer have to worry about cars and bicyclists not seeing me while I am running. My husband likes to wear it too when he is out with me that way he is bigger and can be seen in it too. The sizes are pretty true and I don't find it too big. Plus, it is adjustable and you can make it fit to your liking. I highly recommend this for any runners, or outdoor enthusiasts who just want to be safe!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest opinion*
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