Tea Infuser Review

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★ NEW DESIGN! Our stainless steel infuser comes with a 2 in 1 drip tray. The 2 in 1 drip tray doubles as a mug lid to keep your tea hot! (Mug not included)
★ NO MORE FLOATING TEA LEAVES! The tiny diffusing holes are great for retaining medium to coarse loose tea leaves and at the same time allows ample water to seep in to create a thorough and clear brew!
★ NEVER BE BURNT BY A HOT HANDLE AGAIN! High grade silicon handle is BPA free and remains cool to touch despite being immersed in the hot tea!
★ EASY TO CLEAN! Tea leaves will not get stuck on the diffusing holes or on the lid. Rinse it under the water for a quick clean up. Or simply place it in the dish washer!
★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Our products are covered by a no question asked LIFETIME money back guarantee! Also you will get the highly anticipated Green Tea for your Brain ebook for free!
I am a lover of tea and one of my favorite types of tea is loose leaf. There is something refreshing about knowing exactly where your tea is coming from and watching it as it steeps. With that, I am always looking for the best infusers for my loose leaf tea. I am very pleased with the results of this one and am happy to say that it will have a permanent place in our kitchen. It has a nice strainer for the tea to infuse and the lid has a handy little clip for you to let it float in your water. When you are done, you can place it on the green lid (which also doubles as a lid for your mug to keep it warm) and then you enjoy your tea. When you are done, pop off the silicone lid and then you empty the remains of your loose leaf tea and wash. It's super easy to use and very convenient. I highly recommend it!
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