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★ Science Based Formulation: Upbiotics consists of carefully handpicked essential probiotic bacteria that are naturally residing in human body. Each of the probiotic bacteria is biologically stable enough to go though the tough gastrointestinal track environment and reach the destination to be effectively absorbed.
★ Optimal Dosage : More does not necessarily mean better. Upbiotics has the optional amount of probiotic bacteria (11.5 Billions per serving) to deliver the desired benefits while avoiding the common symptoms associated with over dosage such as gas, bloating, cramp, constipation.
★Gastrointestinal Support and More: Probiotics have been shown (1) to support beneficial bacteria for optimal digestive and immune health including the reduction of pathogens responsible for diarrhea, urinary tract Infections, upper respiratory infection; (2) help control yeast and candida overgrowth and promote daily relief from allergies, gas, bloating and constipation; (3) support energy levels and mood to help people lead overall healthier, happier lives.
★ Quality Guarantee: Upbiotics is manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered cGMP Certified facility to provide an incomparable level of quality.
✔ All 100Naturals Products Backed by Unprecedented Five 100% Guarantee
✔ :All products are 100% Naturals | 100% Drug Free | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | 100% Full Refund If you Are Not 100% Satisfied with ANY Reason in 100 Days | 100% Potency Tested by 3rd Party
As someone who has been taking probiotics for over 2 years now, I am always telling others how much they need to be taking them as well. I had surgery a couple years ago and after being put on a strong dose of antibiotics, I was suffering terribly from what could be a pretty deadly illness called C diff. I was in the hospital for a week suffering from the worst stomach pains and other not so fun symptoms. It took being on antibiotics for nearly another month and a half for the c diff to go away completely. In the mean time, I started taking probiotics to help the good bacteria come back and to lessen the side effects. Ever since then, I refuse to not take probiotics. I don't like eating yogurt daily so I like having a pill I can rely on without having to eat so much dairy. Plus these pills have more live cultures than yogurt. I still get sick since I have a low immune system after having cancer twice but my symptoms are lessened and shortened. I will hold true to my statement that I think everyone should be taking probiotics daily. These do not have a bad after taste, no side effects, and will help you stay healthy because your gut is the one thing that holds infection easily. I highly recommend these for anyone who wants to stay healthy and have good intestinal health.
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review* 
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