Bacchus Break Review

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It's been a long day. You know the kind. You're on your way home with sights set on unwinding and relaxing. Let the Roman God of Wine save the day and take a Bacchus Break. Unbreakable, dishwasher-safe, portable and durable- it doesn't get any better. How many glasses have you lost because they have been dropped? Broken in the dishwasher? Or shattered in the sink? - Bacchus Break is unbreakable and portable - allowing you to take anywhere - to the pool, on picnics, camping trips, jacuzzi, the beach, on the boat, barbecue parties and more. - The durable silicone is sturdy and ensures that the wine glass will not crumble in your hand - It's lightweight and easy to pack along with you Bacchus Break is designed to take with you anywhere to be able to enjoy a stress-free glass of wine without worrying about a glass breaking! Because drunk people drop ship, broken glass has met its match. Bacchus Break helps reduce landfill waste- cups are reusable and we are a partner.

These are fantastic cups to take camping or hiking with you. My husband and I are huge backpackers and campers so we like to travel light when we are doing a long trail. The good thing about these glasses is that they are super light and easy to pack. They are compact and durable. They are really great for anything from chocolate milk to alcohol. You can even use them for cereal or oatmeal if you don't want to bring bowls and cups. If you haven't thought about getting these, I highly recommend it because you won't want to take anything else with you on your backpacking & camping trips!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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