Felted Soap & Shampoo 101

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For anyone who knows me, you know that I have a slight, mild, small, addiction to Lush Cosmetics. Once my friends got me hooked on the bath bombs and soaps, I've branched out to shampoos, bubble bars, bubbleroons, body washes, face masks, etc. There really is not a product I do not like. So the problem with liking a semi expensive store like Lush is that most of it won't last long because it's that awesome. The bombs, for the most part, are one time uses. Shampoos and soaps you can get to last for quite a while but you then need to buy the tin for the shampoos because of them kind of falling apart on you. It's a predicament because you want to use it but you are afraid of using it to quickly...
Since I am a knitter, I have come up with the perfect solution: felted shampoos and soaps!
What is Felted Soap?
Felted Soap is a bar of real soap, with wool felted over the surface. The process of ‘felting’ makes the wool adhere and mat together so it forms a solid coat over the soap.

Why Use Felted Soap?
First and foremost, using Felted Soap is good, clean, fun. The soap suds come through the wool. The wool will help to exfoliate your skin, so there is no need for an extra washcloth or loofah. The wool makes the soap less slippery. Felted soap has a much longer life span than your typical bar of soap. Even if the soap crumbles, it is held together by the felt and you can use it until it is gone! It also is a lot easier to hold than a slippery bar of soap, so it's great for kids & adults! It also makes great gifts for friends and family! It's even better for Lush solid shampoos as you no longer have the need for the tin to hold your soap, it doesn't fall apart, and it lathers so much easier and more than just putting it in your hand or hair.

How Do You Felt Soap & Shampoo?
It's a relatively easy process. I use 100% alpaca or 100% wool for my soaps and shampoos. You take the fleece or yarn in this case and submerge it in as hot as water as you can handle. Then you pat and rub, pat & rub, pat & rub. After a short time, the fleece will start matting together and form a layer of fleece around the soap. Continue to rub making sure that the fleece doesn't rub off the soap. Otherwise, you'll have to start over. Once your soap has matted and joined in the round, you let it dry. Over time, the soap will continue to felt every time you use it. 

What Happens When I Run Out?Once you run out of soap or shampoo, you can slit a hole into the fleece and make something out of it. They make great satchets for perfume for your sock drawers, coin purses for little girls, or just turn them into sponges. Or add more soap to them! There ideas are limitless!

So far I have used Karma Komba, Trichomania, Brazilliant, and Ultimate Shine but only because I am on a limited budget when buying Lush! Like I said, it can be an expensive addiction.
As far as soaps go, I have used MANY! Sexy Peel, Miranda, Bohemian... Everything you see in the tin has already been felted and I am loving the outcome every time I jump in the shower or tub. I've also used a variety of other soaps that I have already gone through so these are just a few!
If you are interested in a How-To Video on felting soap and shampoo, comment below! If I have enough comments, I will make a video and share with you on how to felt your own soaps! Of course, you can also check out my FACEBOOK page that has everything I make and my prices. Prices vary depending on how much the soap costs and the size (as you know soap is priced by weight)
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