Parker the Polar Bear Review

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★ Your soft toy pacifier holder also assists your baby with their hand eye co-ordination. The very light plush animal is slightly weighted to keep it close to baby and when their pacifier falls out of their mouth, their animal friend keeps it close by allowing baby to easily find their pacifier or soothie themselves.
★ No more lost pacifiers down the sides of the sofa or the car seat and especially no more hunting around the side of the crib for your baby's pacifier in the dark in the middle of the night. Your animal friend is easy to find and with still be faithfully holding baby's pacifier for you. You may even get a bit more rest and sleep yourself!
★ Your soft toy animal is 100% polyester and comes in a range of designs - Charley the Cheetah, Curly the Caterpillar, Lewis the Penguin, Uggogg the Panda, Karrie the Koala, Danni the Dolphin, Parker the Polar Bear & Buddy the Reindeer. They are cute, cuddly companions for your baby. You will both fall in love with them all.
★ Your Parker the Polar Bear pacifier holder comes with a strong, safe press stud clip which allows you to easily remove your baby's pacifier for sterilising or to change the pacifier to that of your own choice in line with baby's development needs. The pacifier clip is strong enough to prevent baby from releasing it themselves yet is easy for you to unclip to remove the pacifier. Your soft toy animal is 'CE approved', machine washable and comes with full eco friendly washing instructions.
★ Your Soft Toy Pacifier Holder comes with a complimentary BPA free pacifier but you will want to choose your own. They can be used with a wide range of dummies such as Philips Avent, The First years, Tommee Tippee, JollyPop. (Some pacifiers such as MAM & NUK may require an adapter. These are readily available from other sellers on Amazon).
This is such an adorable pacifier holder. Parker the Polar Bear comes with a BPA free pacifier but it's super easy to change it and put your own in (which I recommend anyways). It's made of polyester so it's soft and perfect for baby's skin. Very easy to wash and clean as well. These are really fun and cute and will keep baby entertained while they suck or sleep. I highly recommend this for any new mom!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*

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