Yumms Burger Press Review

by - 9:05 AM

Burger press makes patties from 1/4 to 5/8 inches thick for either regular or stuffed hamburgers
Burger maker features a handy 'lifter' - Lift the patty out of the dishwasher safe and BPA FREE press & never touch the meat!
SPECIAL GRATES AND DIMPLE create an indentation which prevents the burger from plumping up and getting out of shape
FREE BURGER RECIPE COOKBOOK includes 10 delicious gourmet burgers you can start making immediately after the press arrives AND our best hamburger patty maker comes with a 100% Satisfaction, Lifetime Guarantee - Order today!
We LOVE cooking fresh burgers on the grill and I myself am a fan of having them stuffed with endless combinations. From blue cheese & bacon to jalepeno cheddar; we can't get enough. It's so hard to find a good press these days in which we don't have to get nasty or just flat out use it with your hands and this does the trick. You fill it up and can stuff it and then you slide it out without having to even touch it. It's fantastic. I have to say this will be staying around for years to come.
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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