Jelly & Jam Labels Review

by - 7:22 AM

Take a journey down memory lane...
Watching your grandma make your favorite, homemade jelly, dipping your finger in the delicious strawberry sauce (Yum!) and feeling the family love all around. Now you have chosen to continue the tradition or start a new hobby. Whatever the case may be, we would be delighted to provide you with our one of a kind label that is meant for your delicious creation.
These labels are actually really cute. I have worked with icustomlabel in the past to review other labels and they never cease to impress me. I have been making blueberry and strawberry jams so it's nice to have labels to go on my mason jars without having to write in ugly permanent marker. These stick very well and are large so you can put them on a large jam of jelly. I didn't have any peach to use so I ended up making my husband a sandwich for lunch and stuck an extra sticker on his sandwich bag. It was really cute and he thought it was a sweet concept. I like them. He likes them. All good! So you can purchase your own labels and even customize other labels at their site!
*I received these for free in exchange for an honest review*
You can purchase on their website

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