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Sortly helps you organize your stuff into one simple to use app. Create a visual inventory of your stuff and easily search, manage, and categorize them. Plus, Sortly stores and syncs your data through a secure cloud backup.


* 15-SEC VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Add 15-sec video or up to 8 photos to visually document your folders and items.

* QR LABELS: Add QR labels to your items and boxes to quickly scan and search for their location. 

* PRECISE LOCATIONS: Keep track of your things in a precise way, with 5 levels of folders for a flexible hierarchy. 

* AUTOSAVE TO EVERNOTE: Save all your data in your Evernote account automatically. 

* PHOTOS, HIGHLIGHTING, & ARROWS: Add multiple photos for EACH folder and item...up to 8!! Save them to your Camera Roll, too. And customize photos with highlights and resizable arrows that pinpoint specific areas. 

* TAGS, NOTES, PRODUCT INFORMATION & REMINDERS: Add searchable tags and notes to folders and items. Add details of your items like SKU number, serial number, purchase date, warranty date etc. Schedule reminders to alert you on purchase date returns or warranty expirations.

* TRACK LENDING: Track who you are lending your favorite items and schedule reminders to get them back. 

* STAY UP TO DATE: Move your things in real life? No problem — it’s easy to update their folders in the app! 

* EASY BACKUP, RESTORE, AND EXPORT: Automatic backup, and sync to multiple devices with our cloud storage (sign up to Sortly Account required). Prefer working with spreadsheets? Export data to CSV files for spreadsheet use! Export your data to PDF & Dropbox with Sortly Premium Account.

NOTE: Video and QR labels are offered as premium features.

I was given the chance to review the Sortly app (Premium) and I couldn't be more impressed. We have moved 7 times in almost 5 years of being together and it doesn't seem to get any easier no matter what system you use. This app on the other hand is a life saver. I've actually used it just to sort boxes that we keep in the storage unit as well as boxes we have packed away in our outdoor closets. We are also moving in the next 2 months so I can say I will be using this again for that move. My favorite part of this app is the QR labels. I no longer have to spend hours opening boxes and sorting to figure out where they belong or writing in stinky permanent market what is in them. This app makes it a piece of cake to move! I am no longer thinking that we will have a stressful move coming up and will be glad to have this app on hands! I highly recommend it for anyone moving or even just anyone who wants to have an easy to way "spring clean". Plus, even if you pay for the app, it is well worth it! It just makes moving that much easier.
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest opinion*
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