Group Texting Review

by - 8:39 AM

Texting Base is an invention in texting technology.

Everyone knows what a group text is.  On your phone, they are probably limited to 40 people.  Each person who receives a group text has no doubt that they just received a group's not personal at all.

Texting Base allows our customers to write one text and send unlimited numbers of people highly personalized texts.  The recipients feel and believe that each text was written by the send and not part of a group text.

We have also automated birthday texts, holiday texts and created a way for travelers to create groups by City/State or Zip to reach when they are in town.

We are in our Beta, and would love to show anyone interested what we have created!
This is a really fantastic program for anyone who wants to stay connected whether for business or pleasure. It is super easy to use and even easier to not have to forget birthdays, anniversaries, or other holiday's in which you want to send out messages. You can even use it when people are in town by using zip codes to keep in touch. This is a fantastic idea for anyone who runs a business too! I highly recommend this for anyone and everyone who wants to keep in touch!
You can join HERE

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