Kidophilus Probiotic Review

by - 12:53 PM

Probiotics are “friendly bacteria” with important health benefits. Zahler Kidophilus includes Acidophilus (Lactobacillus Acidophilus) an important probiotic which helps colonize the intestines with friendly bacteria, improving immune system function. Kidophilus may also reduce bad breath and flatulence, support healthy digestion, help relieve temporary constipation, and support healthy intestinal flora.*

With having my stepson here for the summer, he can be a germ fest. I myself have a pretty poor immune system following my treatment from having cancer so I take probiotics regularly to help avoid any nasty bugs I may catch. When I take probiotics, I can tell I am feeling well and better than without. Seeing as how this one is for kids, I thought it would be great to have him get on board the probiotic train and start avoiding germs if he can. He doesn't get the best foods back home so when he is with us, we eat fresh and local foods regularly and don't eat out. Mostly everything comes from the gardens and farmers markets. After consulting his physician, they gave the ok and said it would benefit him tremendously. Because of the difference in foods, he is very gassy. This has helped reduce his gas and he is always feeling upbeat and not slumped over from poor digestion. I also notice he has yet to bring any germs after playing at the BMX perk with all of the teenagers. And we all know kids are germ factories. A healthy gut is a happy gut!
I can't say enough great things about Zahler's Kidophilus!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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