Classic Groove Ice Pop Molds Review

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Kitchenne Set of 6 Multi-Color Ice Pop Molds (BPA Free)
Create Your Own Delicious Home Made Ice Pops Today!
- Do you love Ice Pops but are sick of paying high store prices?
- Do you want your kids to eat healthy but can't get them to touch fruit?
- Can you never find the perfect flavour Popsicle?
- Do you find Ice Pops messy to make and messy to eat?
Get Your Hands On The All New Classic Pop Molds From kitchenne!
What's So Good About Our Classic Pop Molds?
- Everyone can choose their favorite color, each set comes with 6 individual
pop molds 2 each in pink, yellow and green on a yellow tray

- Experiment with your own popsicle recipes and create great
tasting ice pops for your friends and family

- Save on sugary store bought ice pops and keep your kids healthy with fruity treats!
- Easy freezy... our pop molds stand upright in base tray for simple freezing storage
- The built-in drip guard cuts out the mess from melting
- Our molds are made from FDA certified, BPA free, eco-friendly PP plastic 
Amazon buyers trust kitchenne to bring them high quality kitchenware
These are really fantastic ice molds. The only thing is, I didn't use them for ice or popsicles. We went creative and decided to make pudding pops instead. We made the pudding as instructed and then placed the proper amount in the molds. Because pudding is thicker than the liquid, I put it in a ziplock and cut the edge so I can easily fill it with the appropriate amount needed. We then put them in the freezer overnight and had delicious pudding pops for lunch on a hot day after playing outside. They were really easy to come out. I did have to run them under water for a couple seconds to loosen the edges but otherwise, they slid out perfectly. I believe that these would make a great addition to any house with kids and anyone who wants to get their kids involved in the process of making them.
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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