Quick Stitch Sewing Kit Review

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Because You Never Know When The Unexpected May Happen
If you perform as a dancer, gymnasts, an athlete, in theater or, have children who participate in sports, camping, hiking, recitals, practices, and more, then you will always be prepared when you have a Quick Stitch Kit with you when the unexpected rip, tear or button pops off.

Never Leave Home Without It!
These premium light weight kits are small and portable. They are so convenient to carry with you wherever you go and their ideal size can slip into a purse, suitcase, briefcase, office desk drawer, car, gym locker, or RV. You will always be prepared for any hand sewing emergencies!
- Quick and Convenient to Carry
- Life Saver - Easy To Grab And Go
- Quality Makes It Undeniably Useful and Useable
- Contains All Your Necessary Sewing Supplies and Notions
- Perfect Size

Because You Need Quality, Even On The Go
The 24 quality stainless steel needles come in a durable container. This means they won't break while working on your emergency projects. Likewise, the scissors are sharp, also of high quality stainless steel, not the flimsy plastic scissors found in cheap kits. This means you won't have trouble cutting your threads and fabric, giving you confidence during a mending emergency at home or away. Because of its professional quality, you will never need to worry about the unexpected mishap ruining your day.

Try It, You'll Love It!
Taking this kit with you wherever you go will give you confidence that all emergency sewing repairs can be resolved quickly and easily and without panic or hassle. Every member of your family needs to have their own. It makes a great GIFT for your children living in a college dorm, away at a new job, or just traveling.
This is a must have for anyone who wants to have a sewing kit on hand for any emergencies that come up. I have a huge sewing kit in my craft room to go with my sewing machine and all my knitting but sometimes it's not really easy to pull that out just for one simple fix on a shirt or pants. This small quick stitch sewing kit is fantastic for all of those minor fixes that you need to repair while on the go or even just sitting in the living room. I keep mine specifically in the car because it is great for while I am out and on the go. It has everything you need in this small zippered compartment. Not only do you have every single color thread you could need, it has a variety of needle sizes and even a pair of scissors, tape measure and buttons. It really is the go-to sewing kit for all your needs.
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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