Bath Bomb Gift Set Review

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Luxurious Bath Bomb Gift Set: Soak Away The Stresses Of The Day With Three Supersized, Extravagant Bath Bombs Infused With Shea Butter

At the end of a stressful day perhaps the greatest reward is sinking into a warm and relaxing bath. Our Pure Relaxation gift set has been designed especially for ladies who love to relax in the tub.

Why choose The Pure Relaxation Gift Set?

• Our Pure Relaxation Gift Set Contains Three Extra Large
Bath Bombs in Calming and Relaxing Scents

• Three De-Stressing And Revitalizing Scents;
Rose and Petals, Lavender and Seeds And Romance

• Supersized Bombs Weighing Over 6oz Each Provide
 a Longer Fizzing Action Of Around 5 Minutes

• Each Bomb Contains Lashings Of Natural Shea Butter
And Real Ingredients Such As Rose Petals And Lavender Seeds

• The Bath Bombs Packaged In a Beautiful Gift Box,
Making A Perfect Gift For A Loved One
Main Features

• Long Lasting Fizz Action Of Around 5 Minutes
• Handmade In The UK Using Only Natural Ingredients
• So Large They Can Be Broken Up To Make Several Smaller Bombs
• High Quality Manufacturing And Not Tested On Animals
• 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you don't know me, you wouldn't know that I could spend hours in the tub relaxing in the evenings. A couple of years ago, while I was having some long term side effects from treatment, my friends gave me a gift box from Lush Cosmetics. I had heard of Lush before but never tried it until then. I was hooked. The bath bombs were amazingly scented and the bubble bath lasted for hours. Ever since then, I have been looking for other bath products as I would like to support smaller businesses as well.  I was given the chance to review the bath bomb gift set and I was pleasantly surprised!
Now before I begin, I must say; I am biased because of my obsession for Lush. So that said, if you have never used Lush, you would love these bombs a lot more than I initially did. The downfall to the gift set was that one of the bombs (the rose bomb) had come out of the plastic so parts of it had the powder everywhere and was kind of messy to take out. I tried the rose one first because there is a Rose Queen bomb from Lush that I love and adore. It was the same concept so I gave it a try. The scent wasn't over powering. It was just a light perfume scent that smelled like rose. I hopped in the tub and gave it a try. It does hold true about the lasting 5 minutes for fizzing. The rose petals come out just as they do and they float around in the tub with you. It's very relaxing.  
The fizz ended and I was left with a slight pink water full of roses. I didn't get as nice as a scent as I was hoping for, but I know that was because of my bias from Rose Queen. That's why I say if you haven't used Lush, these would be great for you! The other 2 bombs were just as great as this one and I actually preferred the Sex bomb scent better. It lasted longer and was just really calming before bed. The lavender bomb was nice as well but I'm not a big lavender fan so it's not my favorite one of them.
So, that said... I do enjoy these bombs. The size is great and the scents are pretty strong. I do prefer Lush better only because of the other scents and a little longer lasting in the tub. But I do highly recommend these for anyone who wants to enjoy their bath time. Go and order them so you can see for yourself. You won't be disappointed in this cute gift set!
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*I did receive this product for free in exchange for an honest review*

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