Bamboo Wash Clothes Review

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The SOFTEST BABY WASHCLOTH AVAILABLE! A baby's skin can be up to 30 times thinner than an adult and is very sensitive. This uniquely soft fabric is perfect for sensitive baby skin. Soft, light and absorbent, bamboo baby washcloths are a baby and moms best friend during any time. These towels are durable & absorbent with excellent durability & absorbability, better than cotton. 100% machine washable.

Actually gets SOFTER after each wash! A baby's skin is more susceptible to infection because it can't protect itself against certain types of bacteria and baby's immune systems haven't completely developed. Tests show that even after multiple washes, bamboo continues to be naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal anti-static, naturally healthier, and germ/odor free.

LARGER SIZE Ambient Bamboo Baby Washcloths are 10" x 10", larger than many commercial baby washcloths. The generous size means they can be used both in the bath and out of the bath, any time mom needs to clean, wipe or dry their baby. Keep a stack handy in the kitchen, near baby's crib or changing station and take a stack with you when you and your baby are traveling. Use as baby wipes or towels.

ECO-FRIENDLY Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources in the world. It grows without pesticides, generates oxygen during growth and is renewable.

DURABLE Ambient Bamboo Baby Washcloths require no special care. Just wash after use. They are 100 percent machine washable and an large and sturdy.

I know these say that they are for babies, but as an adult, I LOVE THEM! It's really hard to find washcloths that are gentle on the skin and still able to clean. These are amazing! They are really great for cleaning your face or using in the shower with you. Very gentle and they are even softer once they are washed. Bamboo is my new craze lately from sheets to pillows and now I can include wash cloths in my love for it. I can only imagine that these work great for babies too with how soft they are. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants super soft wash cloths to clean with!
*I received these for free in exchange for an honest review*
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