Mini Black Nail Files

by - 10:20 PM

These mini black nail files are made with high quality 100 and 180 grit abrasive paper at our manufacturing facility in the USA. This product comes with a 100% guarantee that you will love them. The size of these files are 3.5 inches long by 5/8 inch wide.
The 100 grit and the 180 grit are on the coarser end of the spectrum which makes these good for artificial nails or natural nails that you really need to shape. If you are using these on natural nails finish with a finer grit like 120 or 240.
When you order this pack you will get 50 pieces. Feel free to hand them out to freinds and family to review or keep them yourself. Either way you will not be disappointed you gave these a try.
I don't know about you but I go through nail files like no tomorrow. These are perfect because you get 50 of them! And not only that but they are smaller than the average files so you can keep them in your purse, in your bathroom, or in the car even. They would even make great gift bags if you are having a girls party. I highly recommend these strong and sturdy nail files.
You can purchase these on AMAZON


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