Quik Solve Ice Grip Review

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REDUCE THE RISK OF FALLS AND INJURY by wearing these grips whether you're shovelling the driveway, walking to get the mail, carrying an armful of groceries, catching a coffee on your break or even driving the Zamboni trax around an ice rink. (And, of course, when you're ice fishing.) Keep these grips on in your car as your drive and get a better grip on your gas pedal when ice builds up.

SO LIGHTWEIGHT YOU WON'T KNOW YOU'RE WEARING THEM. These grippers are 1/8" inch thick and weigh less than your wristwatch, yet they have enough grip to support a 300 lb. man from slipping on an ice rink. We've sampled DOZENS of factories to find the best molds - where other grips lose buttons, slip off your heel or don't fit the pressure points on your feet, ours have been tested and PROVEN. Quik Solve's best quality grips are built for the North!
SIZES, FITS & COLORS for any kind of footwear that looks great. (See the mens and womens sizing chart below.) Whether you are sliding these over your dress shoes on your way to the office or stretching them over your winter boots for even more traction, these lite grips are discrete and match any color of footwear since all you see is the black rubber. These are not one size fits all - they are premium fitted - Medium fits man sizes 5, 6, 7 and woman sizes 7, 8, 9.
GET A GRIP IN ICE AND SNOW and receive ultimate outdoor traction so you feel safe no matter where you walk this winter. Don't fall due to ice! Our dual-paired heel spikes give you grip in your step and our 6-point ball-of-foot spikes ensure your traction. We have nearly twice the studs of other models on the market while still be just as light. 10 STAINLESS STEEL RIVETED SPIKES tear through ice and snow at 1/4" inch thick and will never rust. These teeth will last, even if you dance down a concrete sidewalk or are using them worry-free winter after winter... Enjoy our LIFETIME GUARANTEE, see details below
EASY TO SLIP ON AND OFF. Simple stick the toe of your shoe in the front loop and grab the strap on the back and stretch it over your shoe's heel. This stretchable rubber called thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is easy to stretch, yet returns to its original size and remains durable. (No fraying velcro straps that soak and slip when wet!) The treaded traction pad at the ball of your foot is even built extra thick to never wear out and add extra grab others miss. EASY FOR SENIORS & KIDS TO PUT ON, NO FUSS...
These are seriously one of the best investments you will ever find. They are practical for anyone who lives in a cold climate where ice and snow are prevalent daily. I was given these to review and now that I know they work great, I will be getting my friends to buy them too! They are easy to put on and even easier to take off. It's really icy where we live and these are perfect for walking around when you are out shopping or just going for a hike. We don't like to sit inside all day even when it snows so we will have to get outside regardless. These make having our adventures even that more awesome. I do have to recommend going one size larger depending on your shoe and foot size. I am a size 7.5 in most shoes so I went with a large and they fit great. You can wear them on boots, tennis shoes, or snow boots. I highly recommend these for any and all no matter the age!  Go buy them today!

Another plus is their customer service. From ordering to shipping, they were spot on and amazing!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
You can purchase them on AMAZON

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