13 Foot Fruit Picker Review

by - 1:18 PM

Extra lightweight and durable aluminum pole for repetitive use with minimal fatigue - much lighter than fiberglass or wood poles.

Deep basket with "Bruise Free" pad - Keeps each piece of fruit safe from damage or bruise.
Smart telescoping pole - 3 steps to get the desired length: unlock the yellow locking buckle, extend and lock.

Super easy to use - Hook the fruit between the prongs and gently pull to pick.
Totally 13 Ft long (with the basket) - Allows you to reach all of your avocados, mangoes, ackees, etc.

This 13 foot fruit picker is great for anyone who has trees that fruit and they can't necessarily reach. I have used it for walnuts, pecans, persimmons, and various other fruits. It works great and is easily put together. The clean up is also easy as it comes down without hassle. I highly recommend this to all!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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