M.A.K. Arrows Review

by - 1:18 PM

Fit 40 pounds following recurve bow.
Arrow body Length:80cm (Allow 2cm error)
This arrow was made of top quality materials .
It has good performance , low hand shock with good speed.
These arrows are actually made of really high quality materials. After playing around with them on the bow, the tips should probably be glued down so that they are a little more sturdy but that's what you will find with pretty much any arrow. When you go to shoot, they fire smoothly without effort.
My husband is the primary bow hunter but I do enjoy it also. Even though I am more likely to shoot my AR-15 or .22 rifle (or heck, any of the other 4 guns) I still like to take out the bow and spend time with him. Because I am so new to bow hunting, I prefer using these arrows for target practice instead of actually using them for the hunt. Only because we have top of the line arrows for those trips.

After all is said and done, I highly recommend these arrows to anyone who enjoys bow hunting or target practice. These arrows should last a long time with multiple uses. I think the strings will need replaced before these arrows need to be. This would make a perfect gift for those you love who hunt!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*

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