Pink Storage Boxes Review

by - 2:50 PM

PACK OF 3 SHELF STORAGE BOXES; the Creative Scents 3-Piece Wooden Storage Baskets Set includes 3 differently sized storage baskets that can accommodate all sorts of household items. Large: 11.8-Inch by 15.75-Inch by 6.9-Inch, Medium: 9.8-Inch by 13.7-Inch by 9-Inch, Small: 8.2-Inch by 11.4-Inch by 5.7-Inch.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Washable Fabric Liner: these attractive wooden baskets are made of sturdy poplar wood and lined with a soft fabric liner. You can confidently store your valuables knowing they are safe and perfectly organized.

These are the most adorable storage bins you could ever buy. They look great in a nursery, the bathroom, or even a bedroom. I love that they have a removable liner so you can wash them in case you get something in it that isn't very clean. Whether you put laundry or bathroom stuff in them, they really are perfect. I highly recommend these to anyone who needs additional storage to offer.

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