Rainfall Shower Head Review

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Experience the HappyMoon Bath Essentials 6" wide high pressure shower head with a full immersion rain-soaking delivery...

Built To Last: Strong ABS chrome finish that is made to last with a durable all-brass ball swivel.

Awesome Shower Performance: Channels water pressure into a total-body, rain-soaking experience with a high velocity rain shower that features a 6-inch wide coverage submersion-flow to engulf you with a warm soothing and calming water rinsing experience.

Great Pressure and Flow: Self-pressurizing system that increases the force and flow of water delivery for a maximum invigorating shower.

Elegance and Style Design: The HappyMoon Bath Essentials Shower Head sets the standard for exceptional beauty along with an innovative design featuring a chrome finish to create a bright, highly reflective, cool grey metallic look.

Fast, Easy Installation: Arrives in a premium, easy-open recyclable box. Each box has simple step-by-step instructions for stress-free installation.

Full 5-Year Guarantee: Lifetime Limited WARRANTY and a 100% Money Back Guarantee! We are a small family-owned company and we love our customers. We stand behind our promise!

This is an amazing shower head. Because it is 6" in diameter, it's more coverage of water than your typical shower head. It makes it more relaxing too because the rainfall is almost massage like and feels great when you just want a hot shower. The company is also fantastic to work with and has great customer service. I have no complaints with this showerhead and highly recommend it for all.

*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest opinion*

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