Colorful Gel Pen Review

by - 12:30 PM

Beautiful Set of 24 Coloring Pens
PROFESSIONAL PREMIUM QUALITY SET- 24 premium colored pens include 12 Glitter, 6 Neon, 6 Pastel. Non toxic and Acid Free gel pens.
FREE EXTRA beautiful coloring book (for you to print and color)
VARIETY OF USES: Adult Coloring Books, kids Coloring Books, Drawing, Mandala Coloring, School Projects, Decorations and Greeting Cards. Great gift idea for children and adults who love art!
Being in my 20's still, I enjoy gel pens just as much as I did growing up in school. They came in handy for doing my geography labs for my masters program recently as well when I needed colors to signify plates and fault lines. They have 3 different types of pens; glitter, neon, and pastel. They all are really great colors and obviously the white can only be used on black and dark papers but the other colors are great for all. I highly recommend these for anyone whether child or adult!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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