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Watch out backne, buttne, and chicken skin! Now, you can reveal fresh glowing skin with our super-effective exfoliating cloth made specifically for the body, including hard to clean places like your back, buttocks, arms, and shoulders. This magic exfoliating wash cloth is our unique version of the Japanese exfoliation towel but with softer fibers and special weave pattern for a smoothing microdermabrasion effect. Because of the foam boosting loofah-loops you won't need to use as much body wash or acne soap. It is the perfect clear skin accessory for after workouts and sports. The gentle exfoliation preps your skin for any medicine or treatment products (acne body spray, acne serum, spot treatment solution, spray tan etc.) applied afterward making them easier to absorb. Your total body acne regimen is not complete without our acne scrubber. Once you try it, you won't go back to wash cloths again!

Great for body acne, dry, dull skin.  Works well with Butt Acne Clearing Lotion.
Cleans pores and follicles to banish blemishes and reveal a fresh glow
Reaches tough to treat spots like back, butt, and shoulders
Exfoliation helps control breakouts by removing dead skin and bacteria
Long-lasting green fiber and biodegradable packaging
Loofah scrubber increases lather making body acne clearing wash last longer
I absolutely love this Exfolimate cloth! At first, it looks like it doesn't do much for you because it just looks like a scarf. It's pretty long and colorful so it really could be confused for one. Until you feel it that is. When you get it wet, it makes the rough texture a little softer and makes for a great sponge. You can grab both sides with each hand and easily reach hard to reach spots like your back and neck. I like using this in the bath tub so that I can exfoliate my legs and arms. I noticed clearer skin easily and it's softer every time I always get out of the tub & shower. Plus, it's a cute accessory for the bath! Clear skin awaits you within just a matter of a quick shower! Did I mention it's totally cute too?
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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