Hand Warmer Review

by - 12:22 PM

When heating material contact the oxygen in the air, it begin oxygenation, this process will continually give out heat for 12 to 14 hours at range of 55° to 65°.
This process will begin only after 4 minutes of breaking the outer packing.
When you want to wear thin clothes to show your slender body in cold weather, it can keep you warm ALSO GOOD FOR DECAL APPLICATION ON FINGERNAILS
Hand warmer heat pad is environment friendly, it will not give out any types of pollution, it is totally clean! After your using, you can tear the warmer pad, the inside material can be natural fertilizer for the flowers or plants.
These are really great hand warmers. We go skiing pretty much every weekend during the winter and even with the warmest of gloves, your hands still get chilly. I love to use a pack in between runs or to slide into my gloves that have the patch. I also love that these are great for fertilizers for plants after they are used. What a great way to be resourceful! I highly recommend them!
*You can purchase these on AMAZON*
I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review.

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