House Autry Breader Reveiw

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House-Atury Mills is a line of traditionally-seasoned breaders and coatings for chicken, seafood, pork, and other things (like vegetables).

There's also hushpuppies, and biscuit and cornbread mixes, Sauces, and our Southern Baked product line. All of our coatings are specially milled and mixed to cook up light, crispy, and tasty. That's one reason several of our products, such as our hushpuppy mix, are the best-selling brands in the entire country.

Today, we’re available in thousands of grocery stores in 37 states. Our products are also being served through food service distributors, restaurants and restaurant chains throughout the country.
We are looking for bloggers with a Southern Flare to cook use our products and provides tips and reviews about the product to a new generation of cooks who may be intimidated by breaders.
I love cooking and I am always experimenting in the kitchen. From the slow-cooker to the fryer, I find it fun and exciting when a recipe turns out the way I hope. Sometimes it doesn't because I throw this together with that and it doesn't work but for the most part, it does. When I was given the chance to try this chicken breader, I was very excited! I decided to try it in a few different ways; fried, baked, and on the stove top. With just a nice soak in buttermilk, this made the perfect chicken tenders in the fryer. I also used this in the oven as a breaded chicken thigh. And finally, I soaked it in some egg and milk, then coated it in and threw it in a small amount of olive oil to fry on the stove top. They turned out amazing. The texture is not too crispy but not falling off either. It's just perfect. I highly recommend these breader to anyone who likes to fry or bake chicken, steak, or even pork chops too!
You can purchase it on their WEBSITE 
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*

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