Hummingbird Feeder Review

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Great hummingbird nectar starter gift kit includes:- 3 POUNDS of gourmet hummingbird food in a resealable bag,
- bottle for mixing and storing unused mixed portion for refrigeration,
- measuring cup for easy preparation,
- two feeder brushes and port cleaners to keep your feeder clean.
- Store everything in the included Burlap Sack. No hunting for supplies!
- Register your purchase for a FREE Kindle ebook, "I Have Hummingbirds In My Yard!"

Large three pounds of hummingbird food NOT 3 ounces. CLEAR NATURAL NECTAR, will not harm hummingbirds: no FD&C#40 Red dye - does not stain; no artificial sweeteners; no preservatives; no pesticides; no refined beet sugar; no MSG; no common allergens (peanuts, wheat, dairy, chocolate, eggs, gluten). Regular testing is done to ensure compliance. Your hummingbirds will LOVE IT!

Eliminate work, no water boiling! Just add food and water to included bottle and shake - READY! Feel great knowing you're feeding your hummers quality nectar to help them thrive. Three pounds of quick, mix-as-you-go nectar which dissolves rapidly and completely to feed your little fliers in minutes. CentiMom Gourmet Hummingbird Food STAYS FRESH IN RESEALABLE BAG. Keep CentiMom Gourmet Hummingbird Food dry for unlimited shelf life. Use what you need and save food for next season. Be ready when they return.

This Hummingbird Kit is everything you need in one box! Not only does it come with 3 pounds of food, it comes with everything to clean the feeder and have a multitude of birds hanging around your patio! The instructions are clear and concise so you can set up the feeder without issue. You also don't have to boil the water to put in the feeder. It's just a shake bottle! So simple! I highly recommend this for hours of bird watching from the convenience of your patio!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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