Orginal French Rolling Pin Review

by - 1:02 PM

Losing control of your dough? The tapered edge design of The Original French Rolling Pin allows for full control when rolling dough for your favorite pizza, pastry, or pie. You can practically feel the dough roll right under your finger tips! The Original French Rolling Pin is made out of solid beech wood, ensuring durability and a smooth texture. The sleek and economical design allows for ease of storage anywhere in your kitchen.

- Solid beech wood french rolling pin with tapered end
- Tapered design enables better control and feel of the dough as you roll
- Smooth and quality construction ensures ease of use and durability
- 18 inch length makes it easy to store anywhere in your kitchen
- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We stand by our products

With all of the cooking I do, you'd be surprised to find out that I don't have a rolling pin. I usually end up getting up to my elbows in flour or dough. This has changed my baking for the better! You have so much control over the dough and it doesn't stick at all. It's such a great accessory for any cook!
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