RashGuard Review

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This is a comfort fit BJJ Rash Guard.  It's meant to fit a bit looser than a compression fit rash guard and if you are familiar with the array of rash guards on the market, this one fits more like a Sprawl Rash Guard than an Under Armour Rash Guard.  It is cut longer at the torso and the arms to prevent ride up and offer a bit more protection. The seams are a neon orange contrast stitch that is a super-strong double flat lock stitching.  
The graphics are sublimated print that will not crack or peel.  The material is lightweight and breathable allowing this rash guard to wick moisture and dry quickly.  Not just great for wrestling, but also for working out or just wearing around town.  
The graphic is a compilation of many of the different fighting styles that make up MMA (BJJ, Muay Thai, Judo, Boxing), many of the different cities were MMA is popular or an origin of a particular style (i.e. Athens/Wrestling, Abu Dhabi/ADCC), and thirdly many of the different moves in BJJ (armlock, mount, etc).  
This is a fantastic rashguard. As someone who is always participating in sports, including MMA and BJJ, I like to have comfort. My husband is the same way so when I asked him if he wanted to try out this rash guard, he didn't decline. When it came, it was loose fitting which he really loved. The fact he didn't feel strangled by it was a definite plus. I have to say this made it easy to move without worrying about itchy rashes! I highly recommend this product!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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