Advanced Clarity Nootropic Review

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NutraLuxLife's Best ADVANCED CLARITY Nootropic is a herbal supplement blend designed to help improve and boost mental energy, focus and memory as part of a healthy diet.
Key features include:
PHYSICIAN DESIGNED TO SUPPORT as a blend of herbal ingredients improved cognitive function, memory and concentration

NOOTROPIC MIND FOCUS works synergistically including St. John's Wort, ginkgo biloba and bacopin to give you better mental clarity, cognitive energy and overall focus

FORMULATED FOR GREAT ABSORPTION WITH NO HEARTBURN - our complex stack and blend of herbal supplements come in easy to swallow softgels with soy oil to improve absorption with none of the heartburn side-effects of black-pepper extract

MADE IN THE USA - to strict Good Manufacturing Practice in FDA certified facilities to guarantee quality

Ingredients in the blend include
- St John's Wort used for hundreds of years to support mood
- Glutamine is an amino acid that helps combat stress, elevate energy, and increase mental alertness
- Ginkgo Biloba extract is also an active support to mental alertness, concentration and circulation in the brain
- Bacopin supports memory performance by supporting the protein network in neurons, particularly those involved in the process of replacing worn-out neurons
- DMAE is thought to promote the production of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine
- Vinpocetine helps oxygenate and active the metabolism in the brain, increasing energy released in brain cells as well supporting microcirculation of blood in the brain
- Phosphatidylserine to support memory, learning and health in particular areas of the brain
- N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl supports functions in neurotransmission within the brain
- Huperzine A providing support in nerve health, learning, alertness, memory and energy.

Do you know that feeling when you know exactly what you want to say but the words just won't come out? Imagine dealing with that on a daily basis. Multiple times a day I know what I want but I can't relay what I am trying to say. Thankfully, my husband has become used to it and knows when to just let me be until it happens. The downfall of having chemo; chemo brain. It's real and it's a struggle. But that's not the case anymore. Or at least as much... These capsules allow my mind to feel clearer and I'd say I maybe only go through 2-3 times a day of not knowing instead of 10-20. It is made with all natural ingredients so there is nothing that will harm you. Obviously, ask your doctors before taking any supplement, this one included. I had to take it for 2-3 days before I truly noticed a difference but I believe that is due to your body having to get used to it, like anything else. I recommend this for anyone who wants to have a more "clear" mental focus.
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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