Bath Bomb Molds

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Must Have for DIY Bath Bomb Mold

Perfect for shaping the homemade bath bombs.
 Make professional looking for them. Easy to use. Dishwasher safe.
 Perfect Size: Diameter 6.5cm/2.56 inch, makes 4.6 to 6.1 oz
bath bombs depending on the ingredients used.

Durable Material: Sturdy aluminum metal made, not like the plastic one break easily.
Please wash the mold with baking soda or washing up liquid before using it.
 Safe with Citric Acid: The mold won't have a chemical reaction with
citric acid as they are made of high quality aluminum. 
 Package Content: Set of 2 included 4 half spheres.
You can share fun with your friends or children
Since it's my spring break, I decided to try something new; making my own bath bombs. I'm already obsessed with Lush but the problem is my closest Lush is over 2 hours away and it can be quite expensive. I started checking out the price of making my own bombs and by using supplies from Costco and Sams Club, I was able to get all of my supplies for less than $20. 15 lbs of baking soda, 5 lbs of citric acid, 7 lbs of Epsom salts... a few other ingredients and most importantly bath bomb molds. I tried to use different molds like cookie cutters and ice ball maker molds. The problem was they were too flimsy or I had to let the bombs dry completely before removing them from the cookie cutters. I happened to find a review opportunity for bath bomb molds and wanted to give them a try.
I tried them out and while these are smaller than the usual "Lush sized bomb" they work better than any other molds I have tried. I fill one side with my mixture and pack it down. I fill the other side and pack that down. Lastly, I add extra loose filling to the center mold and squish them together while turning. I pop one side off the ball and let it dry in the other size for about half hour and then pop it back off. It is extremely useful in making bombs that are easy to mold. Occasionally one side will stick in too much to the mold but that has to do with my consistency of powder, not the mold itself.
I have to say I am very impressed with these molds and think they make great bombs when dry! I highly recommend these molds because they are sturdy and easy to mold! And they are a great price!
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*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
[Have you ever tried Lush? What is your favorite bomb? If you haven't it, what would you like to try? Comment for your chance to win a bath bomb made by me in your choice of scents, colors, & oils!]

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