ChewFix Bitter Spray Review

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OUR UNIQUE, PROFESSIONAL GRADE NO-STING BITTERS FORMULA will help deter and redirect your favorite furry friends from chewing or scratching just about anything: Around the home - Furniture, blinds, fabric, shoes, wood, walls, curtains and more. On your pet - Sores, hot spots, bandages, wounds, summer itch, tail, mane and more.

MADE IN A PROFESSIONAL FACILITY IN THE USA Barker & Pooch's Chewfix is proudly made in the USA.

CHEWFIX CONTAINS ONE OF THE MOST BITTER SUBSTANCES EVER DISCOVERED The extremely bitter taste acts as a repellent for most pets to discourage chewing around the home. Chewing is natural for puppies and kittens and this helps with re-training your pets chewing behavior towards what you would rather they chew.

NO-STING FORMULA CAN BE SPRAYED DIRECTLY ON YOUR PETS No alcohol formula can be sprayed directly on hot spots, summer itch or other problem areas of your pet to discourage chewing. Can be sprayed directly over topical medication.

This bitter spray is really great for dogs, cats & horses. It's funny because I don't have dogs or cats but horses... that's another story. So given that chewing is a big problem on fences and food bowls, this spray was a great opportunity to see what would help work. I sprayed it along the fence, the bowl, and even along the hay fencing. It worked amazingly. It's non-toxic so the animals can use it without feeling like they are going to get sick and you don't have to worry about anything getting ruined because of their chewing. All you have to do is spray it wherever you have issues with chewing. It can be on furniture  but make sure to test out a portion first to be sure that it doesn't stain.
It's a great product and I can't say enough great things about it. When you are tired of having pets chew on things like the corners of chairs or couches, you want to find the best product. This is that product! I think everyone should invest in this product to save their own furniture!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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