Science Lab Coat Review

by - 3:08 PM

65% polyester / 35% cotton

3/4 length lab coat, long-sleeved, wrinkle-resistant
Button up front closure, small chest pocket and two lower front pockets
Pocket sized field guide booklet with glossary of scientific terms,
word search and introduction to the scientific method
Dress like a scientist when presenting your science project at school!
Become a scientist by using the scientific method as you play and learn!
This jacket is such a great improvement for when Mo plays outside or wants to make science experiments. The jacket is a size or two too big but it's still as useful as it is cute. It's made out of high quality materials and the two front pockets make it easy to hold the pocket size field guide that it comes with. I have to say this is great for dress up or for science projects for school! While I did receive this product for free, that does not change my opinion on the product.
*You can purchase this product on AMAZON*

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