Tantino Sunglasses Review

by - 8:59 AM

Tantino® Big Huge Oversized Square Sunglasses Retro Women Celebrity Fashion Designer inspired large oversized super retro vintage silhouette with soft squared curves. Large and bold, these oversize feature a very chic square silhouette that will have you looking fabulous in any season. With stylish retro curves and high accented temples, these are sure to be fashionably noticeable wherever you might be. These modern and oversized lenses will keep you in the "summer mode" and compliment every face type.
plastic frame
gradient lens
Lens width: 68
Lens height: 65 mm
Bridge: 18 mm
Arm: 135 mm
These are HUGE sunglasses. While they say that they compliment any face type, I have to say they don't compliment mine. They make my face look like a fly. While they are cute, they just aren't my style. I did have friends try them on and they did like wearing them so I did my good deed and let one of the girls have them. They just are a little TOO big. I do recommend them for anyone who has a larger face where the glasses don't look so bug like on you. Thankfully, I received this product in exchange for an honest review so I don't feel like I lost out on anything.
*You can purchase these on AMAZON*
What are your favorite sunglasses? Active like Oakey or oversized like Tantino?

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