Whiskey Watches Review

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Combine Your Purchase With A Good Deed; Feel Proud
For Your Contribution To This World!
Are you in the pursuit of a new watch but you are sick and tired
of the old fashioned silver-gold designs? Look no further! These amazing faux wood
watches are the latest fashion trend that has been loved by hundreds of people!

Enjoy Your New Watch- Help Us Built A Better Planet
Along with the organization “Trees For The Future” we commit to plant a tree for every watch that we sell! What’s even more interesting? That we don’t even use wood for our wooden watches!
We take care of the environment making sure that we use only eco friendly materials!

Our Priorities? Saving The Planet & Providing You With The Best Watches!
Our mission statement: "It's Time To Make Change".
But before, we make sure that you can always see what’s the time with our amazing watches!
They are made of high quality eco faux wood and together with the eco ultra light leather band; they are perfect for outdoor recreation activities!
What’s more? They are water resistant and can be worn by both sexes!
Note that we provide you with the lowest priced wooden type watch on Amazon!

Trust Whiskey Watches For A Cause- You Will Be Rewarded By Their Service!
When you get this beautiful watch you will get a lifetime warranty along with the pride knowing your purchase helped to make the world a better place!
The beautiful watch together with its great case makes it a perfect gift idea!
This is a very fancy watch that while it is high quality, is very affordable. You can purchase this for a male or female as it is not masculine or feminine. It is just a wooden watch but what makes it unique is that it's not real wood. They are environmentally friendly and use natural products. Its great for anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast or just active. While I did receive this product for free, it's such a great watch that I would purchase this and will purchase more for friends!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
You can purchase this product on AMAZON

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