Majestic Pet Harness/Leash Review

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FITS ALL DOGS SMALL MEDIUM AND LARGE - Comfortable no pull harness is perfect for all dog breeds. From Chihuahua, to Golden Retriever, to Great Dane, your dog will walk with comfort and safety with plenty of freedom for movement.
COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE HARNESS - lightweight, breathable fabric is extremely easy to put on and take off. 6 foot leash is a great length so that you have more control when going on a walk. Perfect fit so your dog will not experience any loss of hair in the arm or leg areas.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - very sturdy, quality construction designed to keep your dog safe and secure. Stitching is on point so this harness will not stretch out due to any pulling and is built to last. Heavy duty leash is a perfect match to the harness. Great for hiking, running, and walking.
TAKE YOUR DOG ANYWHERE - completely transform how your dog walks from a traditional leash and collar. With our no-pull harness your dog will be walking in straight lines, by your side, with no pulling or tugging. Pinch point is behind the shoulders so you have control over your dog's pulling power.

This leash is actually a very high quality leash. Now most people would use a leash for their dogs, but this harness I wanted specifically for an alpaca! I am leash training the older ones and the younger ones I am harness training so it's nice to be able to have a very high quality leash to use. The leash itself is just the right length and has a strap that will fit hands of all sizes. The harness is adjustable and they have multiple sizes to fit whatever pet you plan on using it on. I can't say enough great things about the leash/harness combo. This would make a great gift for the pet lover in your life.
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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