One Piece Bathing Suit

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One-piece swimsuit with lace overlay featuring
plunging neckline and adjustable halter-neck tie
 I have been working out to get my abs toned and tightened a lot in the past few months so I felt like getting a new bathing suit would be pretty rewarding. Even better is getting a bathing suit for free in exchange for an honest review. The problem is, no matter how much I workout, I still have terrible self-esteem and don't like the way I look in the mirror. Probably has to do with the scars from many surgeries and the stretch marks from steroids during chemo. But regardless, it's hard for me to find bathing suits that I like or want to wear in public. I read the sizing chart and decided to see what the measurements were before I order. I usually wear a medium or large in bottoms and a small in tops. I was concerned that this wouldn't fit because of my hips. I ordered one size up and when I received it, it fit but the hips were tighter than I was liking. I had what they call a "muffin top". I went ahead and sent it back and ordered the next size up. It came within a couple of days and this one fit much better.
I tried it on and while I still didn't like the way I looked, my husband said that he liked the way it fit me. I do really like this bathing suit but I will say this, it's meant for taller people who aren't two different sizes top and bottom. If you don't have hips, this is for you. The boobs are a little interesting because I don't have big boobs yet the top is too big. For it to fit right, I have to tighten it quite a bit. If you are busty, this problem would be to small but if you have smaller boobs like me, the top may be too big. It's a catch 22 because it's such a nice bathing suit but the sizing is really off. That could be because it ships from China. But either way, just know to order one or maybe even 2 sizes up.
Other than the sizing, the bathing suit is extremely decorative and cute. There is a cute design on the stomach and the top has such cute beading and design work. I say, give it a try for a cute summer suit!
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