Tookky Dino Game Review

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FINALLY, the Complete Dinosaur Experience for the Whole Family! Do you like spending creative time with the whole family playing board games? Of course, who doesn't? Are your children often demotivated to play with you the regular dull and tiring games? Don't worry! This complete set of dinosaur game and toys is all that you need! Your children have always been fond of the fascinating dinosaur world and finally you can join them!
This Amazing Game Offers the Ultimate Dinosaur Experience! It includes 12 beautiful and colorful dinosaur toys for your children to play with, but unlike many other dinosaur games, there is much more that we provide! The toys come in an amazing colorful box depicting the dinosaur environment! Your child can definitely use it as a playground for the dinosaur figures and of course to store the toys after use, making sure that you never lose any item! Your child can carry the box everywhere! He/she can place the play mat on the floor and start playing with the dinosaur toys! Perfect to use at the grandpa's house or even at the park!
Combine Education with Entertainment, in the most Interactive Way! This set is designed for the whole family and there is much more that you can do with it! The Best Part: Along with the toys, you will get a BONUS original e-book FOR FREE! Start with reading to your children about the 12 different dinosaurs that he/she is holding and study together the names and the properties of each kind! The toys are so detailed that you can instantly observe their physical differences! Once you have learned the basics, IT IS TIME TO PLAY!
In the box you will find a beautiful play mat, which can also work as a board game! Lay the 4 pieces mat on the floor, let the kids chose their favorite dinosaur, place their pick on the board, and start playing trivia with your little ones! The e-book not only teaches the kids about dinosaurs, but also encourages their curiosity.
With a toddler who speaks English AND Arabic, you end up wanting to find games that will not only keep him entertained but keep him learning too. My nephew absolutely loves dinosaurs so I thought this would be a fun game for him to play. At the very least, he was going to love all the dinosaurs. I was right about that too because he had fun stacking them up and playing with them. While the game actually hasn't been used for the board game aspect, he loves using the backgrounds and the dinosaurs to make fun environments. I'm sure as he gets older he will actually play the board game but for now, the dinosaurs are a big hit for this 3 year old. As far as the product goes from an adult standpoint, it has everything you need to have a fun family game night. It came packaged neatly and was much better than I was originally anticipating. I highly recommend this game for anyone with young children.
*I did receive this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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