2 Point Rifle Gun Sling Review

by - 7:51 AM

Multi-Use function rope
Metal snap hooks attach to most weapon systems, brackets, or attachment buckles
and ensure rapid ambidextrous deployment and maneuverability
Release clip and steel sliders allows for one handed adjustment and rapid weapon removal
Ambidextrous design allows for rapid transition between carry styles
Made from high density Nylon for a superior, long-lasting build quality
This is a great rifle sling. It connects at two points so you have a secure grasp around the weapon. My husband and I both have an AR-15 but we also have a few other guns that this would work for (think BIG) This sling is high quality as you can pull it, bend it, and stretch it and it doesn't feel like it will break at all. Upon installing it on my gun, it works great for being able to carry it without feeling like it is cumbersome. Overall, it's a really durable sling I would recommend for anyone who carries!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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