ActionFly Basketball Game Review

by - 9:11 AM

INCREDIBLY FUN. Never be bored again! This portable basketball system will keep you entertained whenever you feel boredom creeping up on you.
RELIEVE YOUR STRESS. Take your mind off the job and gives yourself a few minutes to relax and de-stress with this frustration free desktop game.
BE THE BEST. Build your hand and eye coordination and impress your friends! This game will greatly improve your fine motor patterns.
PERFECT AS A GIFT. Either for your co-workers or for children. This unique gift idea will bring smiles to the faces of your friends and loved ones.
PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE. The backboard folds up for easy storage and can even fit in a desk drawer. The basketball is attached so it cannot get lost. Small, compact and lightweight.
This is a fun little game that makes the down time pass quickly. I didn't expect it to be made of such high quality materials but it is. It's not some cheap flimsy plastic but actually is a hard metal. It's easy to fold down and put away when you aren't using it. I found myself trying to get it in the hoop for a good half an hour. Such a small game can be so addicting. This could be a great activity to keep kids busy for a couple of minutes or to pass around for all the adults if you are having company over. I highly recommend this for a fun little game for all! You won't be disappointed.
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*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*

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