Baby Tooshy's Bamboo Velour Cloth Wipes

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VERSATILE. Baby Tooshy's Bamboo Velour cloth wipes are soft, super absorbent, stretchy, and can be used as washcloths and wipes for diaper changes, burp cloths, wiping baby's spills, acne prone skin, make-up removal or any cleaning that requires a gentle yet effective clean.
NATURAL & PREMIUM QUALITY. Baby Tooshy's wipes are made of organically grown bamboo and cotton velour, promising the highest concentration of natural fibers, which in turn gives you anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, antifungal wipes to use on baby's delicate skin. They are particularly effective when cleaning diaper rashes, compared to disposable baby wipes.
ULTRA SOFT YET EFFICIENT. The velvety softness of the velour plus the bamboo ensures that Baby Tooshy wipes are the best option especially for newborn babies, and those with sensitive skins. Yet, it has "scrub-ability" which allows for a thorough clean without scratching.
COST EFFECTIVE. They are multi-use cloth wipes, reusable, machine washable and durable-holding up to repeated washes. Yet, they are double layered for a plush clean, plus they are XL at 10"x10"-big enough for an adult to use for thorough cleaning.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Because they come in neutral colors, they make the best baby shower gift or a smart addition to your cleaning routine. Available with a 100% Manufacturer's Money Back Guarantee. See "Special Offers and Product Promotions" below for discounts and deals.
I'm guilty of not purchasing these wash clothes for anything baby related. We just got a travel trailer for camping and I have been slowly getting stuff that we want to keep in there. These wash clothes are perfect for camping as they are super soft so they can be used for washing your face without having to worry about the way it feels on your skin. You can use them for bathing as they are gentle on the skin. You can even use them for baby wipes if you do have a child. I simply love that they are large enough for everything I could ever want to use them for and that they are super soft! These come highly recommended from me because best of all, they are washable! Who doesn't love that?
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