Dauber Dawgs Dot Markers

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ONE SIZE FITS ALL! - Dauber Dawgs Dot Markers fit comfortably in any size hand, even toddlers!
NON-TOXIC / NON-LEAKING / NON-SPILLING - Minimal clean-up compared to paint brushes and cups!
PERFECT FOR BINGO - Stand out in the bingo hall with a lucky pack of Dauber Dawgs Bingo Daubers!
ARTS & CRAFTS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY - A different way to color, great for scrap booking!
FREE GIFT - Receive 3 free pdf dot marker coloring activity books = 100 pages of print-friendly coloring pictures!
Who says Dauber Dawgs have to be used for bingo? While these dot markers are perfect for bingo, they can easily be used for a multitude of other activities. They are easy to hold and even toddlers can use them. They do come with printable pages so you can use them with the coloring pages but even the little ones don't need those. These are great for rainy day activities or for your bingo nights!
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