FiveJoy Camping Tripod Review

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FiveJoy Folding Campfire Tripod - Made of Aluminum Alloy - 31.5" Tall when Set Up - Adjustable Hang Chain - Collapsible Legs - Great for Outdoor Campfire Cooking 
✓ Material: Legs and rod - Aluminum alloy, chain - electroplate iron; Size: 31.5" (H) X 22.7" (Φ) when set up; 15.6" (L) X 2.4" (W) X 1.4" (D) when folded up; Weight: 0.93lbs

✓ Ideal for any type of outdoor cooking over campfire or fire pit: Backyard, campsite, backwoods hunting and fishing ... Can't beat being alone in the woods and still eating delicious food ... The wood smoke makes the food taste great - better than charcoal!

✓ Adjustable hang chain: can be raised or lowered to your desired height so that you can find tune your cooking temperature. Stabilized and sturdy: can hang up to 13lbs: no problem with cast iron dutch over full of soup of fish or whatever you like

✓ Collapsible legs: easy to set up, easy to clean, easy to carry, easy for storage - take it with you no matter where you go storage

✓ All-purpose camp cooking supplies you can have: allow you to hang various cooking equipment over your fire - a grill for BBQ, a dutch oven for cooking stews and soups, a kettle for heating water for coffee or tea ... More than that, you can hang a lantern at night, use it for fast drying clothes ...

This is one of the best camping tripods that we have ever used. Since we go camping a lot, we have a multitude of camping equipment. From propane stoves to tripods, tents and everything in between; it's something we never leave home without. It's very easy to set up as you can see in my video review. It's extremely lightweight for being so durable. It packs up easily too. I highly recommend this product for anyone who goes camping. It's a great tripod that is perfect for any camping trip!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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