LED Headlamp Flashlight

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✔ BOOST YOUR VISIBILITY : Super bright XP-E cree headlamp. Pierce the darkness at 168 lumens strongest. Head mounted flashlight. Enjoy outdoor sports, run or dog walk while having both hands free. Stop the frustration of juggling around a tactical lantern or portable torch while trying to fix something. Safely perform any task and get more done.
✔ EASY TO USE : 2 separate push buttons to select white or red light. Instantly set the exact brightness you want, no cycling through the modes to turn off. Long lasting battery life by selecting the setting that you need : 4 cool white modes (HI, MED, LO and SOS flashing) + 2 red night vision modes (steady and strobe).
✔ LIGHTWEIGHT : Only 3 oz. No brainsqueeze or bobbing. Elastic headband adjusts easily and comfortably to any size. Head mount tilts down to focus light exactly where you need it. Perfect headlights for running, jogging, hiking, camping, hunting, biking, cycling, caving, mining, backpacking, fishing, walking your dog at night, reading, household work, under hood of car or on construction helmet hat!
✔ DURABLE WATERPROOF : IPX6 rated headlamps. Sturdy and compact outdoor gears for the best in stress-free reliability. Keep going for hours on the 3 AAA Duracell batteries included. Don't be left in the dark when light goes out during a storm or car breaks down along a dark road. Keep a back-up in the medical and emergency kit.

This LED headlamp is great for any outdoor enthusiast. We go hiking and some times that means we wake up well before dark to get a start. I'm not a fan of having to carry a flashlight in my hands so the headlamps are my option for lighting. Unfortunately, some headlamps aren't comfortable, aren't bright enough, or are just too tight. This headlamp is the perfect fit. It doesn't rub or get too tight. It's adjustable so my husband and I can switch off wearing it when we lead. It has multiple settings that change the brightness as well as the color. It even has a flashing option.  It's just everything you can ask for in a headlamp.

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